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Is Low Carb Diet Effective for Weight


Low carb diet is usually suggested for weight loss and other health issues. Diet low in carbs is applied for limiting carbohydrates, for example, starchy fruits, vegetables and grains. Low carb diet emphasizes the nutritional fats. There are lots of low carb diets for many purposes. It is basically aimed at cutting down the amount of carbohydrates. It has various benefits for your health; first of all, it is adopted for weight loss to get a shaped body. Secondly, it has also some benefits to soothe your heart and mental system.


Why to Eat Low Carb Diet?

People who see the symptoms of obesity, they are suggested to stick on some foods which are low in carbohydrates and fat because a great amount of carbohydrates can increase weight and it may cause several health problems.


Following Low Carb Diet as Challenge

To be consistent with the diet low in carbs is considered to be a challenge for one and all, but it may also be really very good. Secondly, it will be producing results that you have always been seeking. In this way, you will have to leave some foods that you can’t help eating them. Thus low carb diet will resist you if you would try to eat prohibited foods.


Some Low Carb Foods


There are some foods such as vegetables, fruits and berries which are considered low carb diet in order to boost your health and reduce illnesses.


1. Vegetables

Eggplant, peas, broccoli, garlic, turnip, onions, cabbage and beets are good sources of low carb vegetables that you eat to boost your metabolism while detoxifying your body system. These are to be eaten every day.


2. Berries

Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries can be effective because of having small amount of carbs, so eat them to detoxify your body.


3. Fruits


Grapes, kiwi, mango, lemon, orange, passion fruit, coconut, plum, watermelon, avocado and apricots are low carb fruits to give relaxation to your heart and they are able to burn fat. You may eat these all fruits after having consultation with any recognized nutritionist.


Result of Low Carb Diet

Lots of people may lose their weight keeping diet plan in mind which restricts some calories and which you may eat. A few studies show that the persons who continue following certain plans of low carb diet for 2 years, they loseabout 9 pounds in general.


Other Health Benefits

If you eat diet which is low in carbs, you will get other healthy advantages that this diet can prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, slow metabolism, heart disease and sweating. Usually people select this diet for burning fat, but it works wonders on the quiet for several health issues.


Risky Factors

Changing your diet drastically and suddenly after you get switched to low carb diet, you may face several negative effects on your health including headache, weakness, fatigue and constipation. In the long run, these all minor diseases may not have durable negative effects.


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